The Brow Master Class



This course is an AUTHENTIC brow master class. Delivered by international Master trainer Ronita Prasad.

This will give you the most comprehensive and broad knowledge of Brow Sculpting in the industry to date. Learn the complete process and Brow Sculpt like a true pro!

From tints used, and colour customisation to waxing knowledge and new techniques! Get extended hands-on practical training and further in-depth theoretical procedures.

You’ll learn Brow Sculpting inside and out and gain that confidence you may not have been able to achieve from the average wax on wax off course.

This course has been developed to accommodate for those new to Brow Sculpting as well as those already skilled but want to broaden their techniques.

Our comprehensive break down of Brow Sculpting is essential, we believe anything less is just not enough to absolutely nail these techniques. We appreciate each and every students learning needs and understand that the breakdown and hands on training will help immensely for beginners.

There are no pre-requisites for this training, you do not need prior brow experience or any beauty qualifications. So get enrolled and start your professional brow career today!


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