Tattoo Removal


Tattoo removal is aimed at the ink particles under the skin in turn breaking them into smaller particles. This allows the body to then absorb and flush these particles through the lymphatic system.

The sensation of Laser Tattoo Removal can be described as small rubber band being snapped onto the the skin.

Treatment duration varies depending on size of tattoo, ink type and depth. This is best determined in the initial free consultation.

Tattoo Removal Pre and Post Treatment

Some, especially modern, pastel, white or ultra-vivid pigments may not respond to treatments. Pigments may respond by turning brown or black. These residues then may, or may not respond to further treatment.

Semi- permanent or micro pigmentation pigments may be particularly difficult as they are often blends of earth toned pigments, often containing iron-oxide compounds which commonly turn black on exposure to light. It essential that careful test patching is carried out on any micro pigmentation inks to ensure that pigment will respond without making matters worse.

It’s essential that you have a clear idea of the worst case predicted outcome. Which if acceptable to you, will be the basis of the agreement to treat. If the worst case scenario is not acceptable, you should be wary of continuing because you are unlikely to be happy with outcome.

Patch Test

Potentially difficult colours is the only way to check response and it may take multiple visits to find out whether a particular pigment will respond.continuing because you are unlikely to be happy with outcome.

What are the risks and potential complications from Tattoo Removal

Due to the depth of treatment required to remove tattoo inks, the treatment is generally considered to be painful, although this varies from person to person due to different levels of tolerances to pain. Stinging or burning sensation will be noticed during the procedure, and the area treated may feel hot for some time after the treatment. We will advise on ways to alleviate any pain and discomfort during the treatment with topical anesthetic and cooling cream.

During the treatment, patients are likely to experience small white dots which appear on the skin for several minutes after each firing of the laser. This is only water vaporized by the heated tattoo pigment and fades within a few minutes. After the treatment, minor bleeding may occur, with skin redness, swelling and oozing, plus blistering appearing over the treated area.

The treated area may also feel very tender to the touch. This fades away after few days. The area of skin over the tattoo will look shiny for a number of weeks. It’s vital that the skin is well looked after immediately after the treatment. The treatment area should be considered as a minor burn and should not be picked at and blisters should not be appear. There is a risk of infection if the area is not properly looked after

treatment is repeated once the skin has returned to normal, generally after 4-6 weeks

Post Treatment Advice

  • The treated area needs to be kept clean and dry while it is healing. Clean with soap and water and pat the area dry. Apply Antiseptic three times a day for 3 days while the area is healing and keep the area covered with a sterile dressing for those 3 days. Blistering is common. If it does occur then it usually heals very well
  • Continue to put Antiseptic over the blisters once they have popped for at least 24 hours. You may apply cool compresses or aloe vera gel as necessary for 24 hours after the treatment to help reduce discomfort and inflammation. For pain use paracetamol, but avoid aspirin as it can cause bleeding and bruising.
  • Do Not pick at any scabs or bruising that appears on the skin of the treated area, as this can increase the potential of scarring
  • Do Not scrub the area when showering or bathing
  • Do Not expose the are treated area to the sun without a sun screen for at least 4 weeks to reduce the risk of disturbing pigmentation in that area. High factor sun screen should be used daily to protect the skin
  • It is also advisable to stay out of public swimming pools to avoid infections

Contact your practitioner immediately if you notice any signs of infection

Please make an appointment before coming in to avoid long waiting times. We would love to see all of our lovely clients and hate to see anyone disappointed due to waiting times or unavailability.

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