Let’s face it: men frown at female therapists!

Let’s face it: men frown at female therapists!

Let’s face it: men frown at female therapists!

Men need beauty therapy. Have I made you laugh or made you think about the above statement?

Men need beauty therapy.

Have I made you laugh or made you thinking about the above statement?

I admire all the beautiful wives and female partners who hold their man’s hand and visit beauty clinics to have their skin treated.

Many beauty therapists do men’s eyebrows, facials and waxing.

I have been doing so for many years now.

I have provided beauty therapy on male television presenters, doctors, students and other professionals. they always go happy. All of them have left my clinic with a smile on their faces and after a while, returned for a repeat treatment.

Same skin

Men and women have the same skin; the main difference is that women care about their skin more than men do.

We do not do feminine eyebrow shape but just tidy up and perfect for each face shape.

Tiding up your eyebrows professionally opens up your eye area and you feel lighter and younger.

I am sure that everyone wants to experience that feeling and look.

Male apathy

Sometimes men ask themselves, “Why do I need beauty treatment? Can I trust a woman to look after my skin?”

If in doubt, ask you colleagues or friends, they will vouch for us!

Men need proper facials done from time to time since they also collect a lot of dirt and debris from the environment.

A qualified therapist will properly steam your face, clean, exfoliate, give you a pamper massage and give your skin type mask pack.

This process will clean your skin from deeper levels. This is a very important antiaging treatment.

Men should look after their skin, body and health as women do.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and hence requires proper care and treatments.

When we are young, we do not care much about our skin but as we age, reach 40 years and beyond, we start worrying about the condition of our skin.

Treatment Programme

A qualified therapist will have proper programme of treatment to not only have a healthy skin but also keep it glowing.

It is never late and hence please seek the services of a professional beauty therapist and discuss any problems that you may have with your skin.

A good therapist will not only provide you good solutions but also maintain complete confidentiality of your visits and treatment.

Some men may have reservations in seeking treatment from female beauty therapists.

Cream and scream

I know that all men want to have younger-looking skin but may feel shy. They would therefore visit a supermarket or a pharmacy and buy a cream, which they believe would do the magic.

It is not that easy. Every skin type is different and hence needs personal attention.

Unfortunately, even the most effective and expensive face cream cannot turn back years but regular facials improve blood circulation of your skin and activate all cells, regenerating them.

There are numerous factors that determine how quickly skin ages, including genetic factors, skin type, environmental factors and other habits such as smoking, drinking and what and how we eat food.

Some Tips for Healthy Skin

Avoid direct exposure to Sun, especially your face

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated

Avoid direct smoke on your face as it would dry your skin

Avoid driest air conditioning

Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables and fruits

Always visit a qualified and professional beauty therapist

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