Wax eloquent about your silky skin

Wax eloquent about your silky skin

Wax eloquent about your silky skin

Waxing is semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from its root.


Waxing is semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from its root.

New hair will not grow in the previously waxed area for four weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth sooner due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle. This can be hormonal too.

Waxing is a long-lasting hair removal technique, which is better than shaving.

If the hair is waxed often, it can weaken the hair follicle and cause permanent loss of hair. However, as always, every person is different.

We complain a lot about waxing but a trained beauty therapist will consider a number of issues before waxing. An inept therapist can cause bruise or bleeding

Types of waxing

A cotton strip is used in Strip Waxing. It is applied, pressed with pressure on the wax layer, gently rubbed a few times and then ripped off against the hair growth.

Shine Forever- Legs Waxing

Hot Wax is wax that comes from a pot. It is applied on the skin with a wooden spatula.
It is applied thick on the corners and hence ripped off easily without causing pain.

Among the parts of the body that can be waxed are legs, arms and underarms, back, feet and chest. Bikini Waxing and Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing are also popular.

You must know the kind of wax used on your body.

A good therapist must use Organic Wax.

Clients often say with joy, “Your wax does not lead to ingrown hairs.”

This is because I use Organic Wax.

Waxing must be done professionally without breaking hairs. This process gives finer regrowth of hair and smooth skin.

Sensitive face

Facial skin is very sensitive compared to any larger area of our body. Waxing can stress the face, make it thinner and makes it age quickly.

Threading is better option for the face.

Waxing must be done quickly to make the process less painful.

Organic Waxing leaves you skin smooth as silk.

It does leave any rash or ingrown hair.

Some beauty tips

Exfoliate your skin every three days with a nice granule scrub.

After waxing, rinse the waxed area with warm salty water.

Do not wear tight garments around waxed areas to avoid rashes and ingrown hairs.

Moisturise your skin daily after shower with organic cream as it works as food for your skin.

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